Wholesale Partner Program

Are you interested in growing your business by offering Soaring Suds' products to your store?  We offer an amazing opportunity for qualified candidates.

We have partnered with ABOUND and FAIRE to assist in our retailer program.  Check out the opportunities available and reach out to us at wholesale@soaringsudssoap.com to discuss our retailer program and gather any additional information.

Here are some of the additional information you will need to provide during the process:

  • Valid Reseller Certificate for the state you reside in
  • Business Type (i.e., Brick and Mortar, Online, Distributor, etc.,)
  • Additional Business Information (EIN, Number of Locations, Type of Business, etc.,) 

If you have any questions please email us at wholesale@soaringsudssoap.com or call 1.616.450.2784.


We are Family

When you join our family as a Certified Retailer, you will be able to include our entire product line-up in your store. Whether you have a physical or virtual showroom, we are here to support you.